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Jeffrey HSU– Principal
  Patent Attorney

Principal & Partner of UNION PATENT SERVICE CENTER, Taipei office


M.S., Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey, USA


Standing Supervisor, Taiwan Patent Attorneys Association, 2013~


Chairman of the Design Committee, Taiwan Patent Attorneys Association, 2013~

  Consultant Patent Attorney to the Patent and Trademark Information Service of the

Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO), 1998 ~

  Co-Chairman of the Design Committee, the Asian Patent Attorneys Association, Taiwan

Group, 2000 ~ 2002, 2006~


Lecturer, National Taipei University of Technology, 2010 ~

  Lecturer, Shih Hsin University, 2015 ~

Lecturer, China University of Technology, 1986∼1995

  The Asian Patent Attorneys Association (APAA)
  Association Internationale pour la Protection de la Propriete Industrielle (AIPPI)
  Federation International des Conseils en Propriete Industrielle (FICPI)
  Kung Chung LIU, Jeffrey HSU, Patent Protection for Computer Program
    Related Inventions, [ Hanlu Book Publishing Co., ] February 2000.
  Kung Chung LIU, Jeffrey HSU, Bu SHOU, Patent Protection for Software
    Related Inventions, Intellectual Property Press (Beijing), July 2001.
  Kung Chung LIU, Jeffrey HSU, "Patent Protection for Business Method and
    E-commerce Related Inventions", National Taiwan University Law Journal, July 2001.
  Jeffrey HSU, "Case Studies on E-learning and Business Method Related Domestic and Foreign Patents",
    Institute for Information Industry, Science & Technology Law Center, October 30, 2003, Taipei.
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