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The following documents and particulars are required for filing a trademark application in the name of a foreign national or corporation.

I. Documents required for filing
    (1) Power of attorney, (simply signed by the applicant);
    (2) (a) for a mark in black and white,
        5 representations of the mark (with some additional prints for agent's use); or
      (b) for a mark in color,
        5 representations of the mark in color (with some additional prints for agent's use) and two prints in black and white (for use in reproducing the mark on the Trademark Gazette).
        *The size of the representation shall not exceed 8 cm both in length and width.
    (3) Certified copy of the basic application (if priority is to be claimed).
    (4) The representation of the shape by means of 3-D trademark drawings, as well as pertinent explanations*;
    (5) Five drawings or samples showing the shape in different angles under the same proportion to precisely illustrate the 3-D shape*;
    (6) If disclaimer for part of the mark is to be made, the Applicant shall show the disclaimed part by dotted line with a disclaimer statement*; and
    (7) User evidences, such as catalogues, brochures, booklets, or the like with respect to the designated goods, to show that the 3-D trademark is capable of distinguishing the goods from others' goods and it is not associated with the functions of the goods or packaging*
    * (4) ~(7) are required for filing 3-D trademark applications.
  Filing Particulars
    (1) Name, address, nationality and legal status (i.e., kind of incorporation ) of the applicant.
    (2) Class and specification of goods (or services).
    (3) Name and title of the person signing the power of attorney on behalf of the applicant / company.
    (4) Name of the country in which the basic application was filed and the filing date and number (if priority is to be claimed).
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