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Quick Review of Taiwan Trademark System

Required Documents 1. 5 prints of the mark
    2. Power of Attorney
    3. Priority document
Required Information 1. Applicant's name, nationality, address, and representative
    2. Priority country, date and number
    3. International Classification
    4. Goods/ services
Types of Marks 1. Trademark
  2. Collective trademark
  3. Certification mark
  4. Collective mark
Registrable Non-ordinary Mark 1. Sound mark
  2. Three-dimensional mark
  3. Color mark
  4. Motion trademark
  5. Hologram trademark
  6. Scent trademark or any other marks that possess distinctiveness
Classification   Nice Classification, 10th Edition
Multiple Class Application   Permissible
Examination Period   About 6-8 months
Registration Fee
One installment payment
(10 years)
  Payable 2 months after service of notice of acceptance (grace period: 6 months)
Post-grant Opposition   Within 3 months after the publication date of registration
Time-limit To Invalidate A Registration   Within 5 years after the publication date of registration
Cancellation Based On Non-use   3 years of non-use
Duration Of Registration   10 years
Disclaimer System   Acceptable
Letter Of Consent   Admissible (unless both marks are the same and used on the same goods)
License/ Sublicense/ Assignment   Provided
Trademark Marking   Not provided; optional for the Registrant to indicate “registered trademark” or an internationally used symbol for registration.
Filing Period   Within 6 months before expiration date ( grace period :  6 months)
Required Documents   Power of Attorney
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